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Sn.N.Jangalayya (IRS)
Contact Number:9866777594




               Sri. Sn.N.Jangalayya, now the president of the sneha club, has completed his B.Sc graduatiobn during the year 1974 and subsequently got appointed as telephone operator in BSNL during the month of january 1974. Sn. Sri.N.Jangaleyya was born and brought up from the rock bottom of the poverty line from korukonda village, East godavari District. Despite the hurdles and difficulties faced by him in his childhood days, by losing his mother(Expired) when he was three months old and his father being a shepherd, he stood as an exemplary to others and proved that no scheduled caste candidate is lower than anybody else, by obtaining 1st Rank in his SSLC examination out of sixty students in his class from SASM ZP High School, Korukonda in the year 1969.Further, while he was in service, he prefered to do his post graduation in M.A(Social work) and got the seat in Andhra University and sucessfully completed the post graduation in the year 1975-77. Subsequently he was selected as preventive officer in customs department and joined on 04-11-1977 in the customs house, Visakhapatnam.




Sn.Sri N.Jangalayya, after having acquired the full knowledge, about the sacrifices and the dedicated services of Dr.B.R.Ambedkar, the born god for all downtrodden and weaker sections of the nation, was inspired and decided to walk in the path of great leader of the nation. Accordingly, he has decided to render his services to the poorest of the poor in the society as well as the employees, belonging to the scheduled castes and tribes welfare associations. Further an Organization was started under his leader ship in customs department in the year 1978 and taken up the isses of the employees and sloved the problems by way of negotiations/fight with the government bodies till his retirement, as a result of which he was selected as a vice president of all India customs federation.




 Sn.Sri.N.Jangalayya has worked with Sn.Sri. K.S.Bhagya Rao, the founder of the sneha club and shared the dias on many occasions when he was in service. Sn. Sri. K.S. Bhagya Rao, in capacity of the General Secretary of sneha organizations has started an organization in the name of  "The Visakhapatnam Employees co ordination committee" in the year 2001. Looking into the hard work, sincerity of Sn.Sri. N.Jangalayya, in rendering his services to community, he was elected as the first president for the "Sneha Club". Sn.Sri.N.Jangalayya, after his retirement from his government services, was again elected as the president(National) of the sneha club and thereafter he is putting all of his efforts for the development of the Sneha Organizations.