Loan for departmental stores

"To make the people entrepreneur"


            Kirana shop is a small neighborhood and a family owned shop, selling groceries and other sundries. Kirana shop are mostly situated and operated in rural or small towns that carry a general line of merchandise. General dealers were established in many of the remote populated places where mobility was limited and single shop was not sufficient to serve the entire community. Due to its close connection and confined its customers, general dealers adjusted their sales offerings to the specific preferences to their community.


   Sneha Mutually Co-op. Society so as to encourage the rural lending to uplift a section of poorest of the poor of the community introduced the kirana merchant loans in order to make them entrepreneur In many rural & remote areas, people used to go to the nearest urban places for purchase of house hold goods which is felt expensive. In order to make the people convenient to provide such house hold goods in their own places, who can earn a small amounts for their lively hood and also to make profits, MACS has extending the financial assistance to the people who can run such a type of kirana stores.


Terms & Conditions:


  1. If an enterpreneur is a member of the society and purchase the goods/provisions from our sneha MACS stores and repay the cost of the goods with in a month he/she will get a commission of Rs.1250/- per Rs.25000/- for their prompt repayment.
  2. If the enterpreneur/member of the society could not pay with in one month as per the term of sanction, he/she will not get any commision.
  3. If the enterpreneur/member of the society, who want to run a kirana shop and want to take the goods/provisions from sneha MACS stores, He/She has to deposit 50% of the cost of goods/provisions.


Example: If an enterprenur want to purchase the goods/provisions from our sneha MACS for Rs.50,000/,  he/she has to pays 50% of cost of goods , i.e Rs. 25000/- and the rest of Rs. 25000/- on credit from the society.

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